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CypherX Pro Elite FUD crypter full cracked free download

CypherX Pro crypter logo product

What is CypherX ?

CypherX is the most famous crypter in the market. This is a FUD crypting software, very useful for crypting your virus. You have to pay for obtain the Pro version of CypherX and that’s why I sharing with you the full crack version of this crypter.

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Sunday, January 12th, 2014 Crypters / RAT 2 Comments

Turkojan v4 gold edition cracked free full download

Turkojan 4 interface logo

What is Turkojan ?

Turkojan is a remote administration made in Turkey. This is one of the most famous RAT of all time. This trojan is stable and this is a very good tool for create trojans easily and that’s why I sharing with you the crack of Turkojan. This is a pre cracked version, just launch the Client executable for having the full version.

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Cybergate private Pre Cracked version free download

Cybergate logo

What is Cybergate ?

Cybergate is a remote adminitration tool. This is one of the best rat of all time with Backshades, Xtreme Rat and Darkcomet. Cybergate has a lot of features like the file manager, the windows list, the process list, the system basic info, the shell, the download and execute etc…
Cybergate is very stable and can be crypt very easily with a good crypter.
It’s a paid rat and that’s why I share the full version of Cybergate.
This is a pre cracked version, just launch the Cybergate executable for having the full version. 

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Sunday, November 24th, 2013 Crypters / RAT 2 Comments

Blackshades rat cracked free download


What is Blackshades ?

Blackshades Remote Controller is a Remote Administration Application which allows a user to control several clients from around the world.

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XtremeRAT 3.6 private cracked free download

Logo XtremeRAT

What is Xtreme Rat ?

This backdoor is an Xtreme remote access Trojan (RAT) that, like all RATs, can be used to steal information and receive commands from a remote attacker.

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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 Crypters / RAT 1 Comment

Download Chrome crypter cracked fud free


Download Chrome Crypter 5.7


 Chrome Crypter has a lot of features

FUD Binder
Icon Changer
Private RUNPE
FUD 0/35
32 and 64 BIT
Scantime + Runtime
XOR Encryption
Drag and Drop

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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 Crypters / RAT 2 Comments

Insanity crypter cracked source download

Insanity crypter interface

Download Insanity crypter with the source


Insanity crypter features 

Guest login system added
FUD updated, working with many RAT’s, stealers and keyloggers
Register FREE system
New features will be added like auto-inject + worm
Many Features were removed due some bugs.

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Saddam crypter cracked source download

Saddam's crypter interface

Download saddam’s crypter with the source


Publisher : Crypter Source
Developer : Saddameu
Release name : Sadam Crypter
Size : 858 KB

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