What About Freecracking [FAQ]

How to complete a MGCash or CPAGrip survey quickly and easily


Hello Freecracking users and others !

I am the administrator of Freecracking and I will show you how to complete a survey very easily and in the right way.


I will give you important information before starting !


Freecracking is the best website with cracked softwares. This page will help you to complete a little survey very easily without wasting your time. This procedure will be quick so don’t worry, everybody can do this within few minutes with this tutorial.

Of course, freecracking must be monetized because this is a lot of work for us to offer the best cracked softwares.

We will use our Mediafire Premium system, because our content are the best to provide you a 100% functional cracked product.

All your files are 100% clean without virus, we are the most reliable website.
A virus scan will be included and will be updated every day on the survey page !

Our products are test and check every week. So don’t worry, all our products are tested and updated if necessary.

When you have finish the survey, don’t hesitate to vote up or down and write a little comment on the survey page !

Let’s start !


Currently you have the .zip archive of your cracked softwares and you have to unlock it with the password. The password.txt will be automatically unlocked if you complete the offer correctly.

In this tutorial, the example file will be “spyhunter 4” but this is of course absolutely the same method with others products !


Survey password

When you have extract the archive with the password, just follow the video of the product on freecracking.net and all the steps for cracking the software.

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What about Freecracking.net [FAQ]

What is Freecracking.net ?

Freecracking.net is the best and new generation of warez website. 

Freecracking has a lot of different files like Softwares,Crypters, Keyloggers, Remote Administration Tools (Rat) etc…
We stock our files with Mega.co.nz because this is the most reliable file hosting and the best way for our visitors to download the files very easily and very quickly.
For more informations, go to the home page here.

Is Freecracking a reliable website ?

Of course, all products in our website are 100% functional. Don’t confuse our website with others because in every articles, we always post proof to show you that crack works perfectly on all posts.  We always explain in details all steps for cracking successfully the software. For us, we must convince our visitors that the products works successfully without hesitation.

Do you use an ad network for monetizing your website ?

No, because our visitors should not be embarassed by annoying ads during their visits.

Where your videos HD proofs are stored ?

Our videos HD are stored on Youtube and Wat.tv because both have a very nice plateform for obtain a very good quality and a fast loading speed.

I don’t want to do the survey, can you give me the password ?

No, because the fileice surveys are very easy to do (under 2 minute on average). You can get the password directly with the widget on the website by clicking “Get the password here” or use the fileice direct link. We have posts a survey assistance link of our partner website softwaregeneration.org in every Readme.txt text document to help you for complete the survey very quickly.

Survey assistance link here

Where our files are stored ?

We stock our files with Mega.co.nz because this is the most reliable file hosting and the best way for our visitors to download the files very easily and very quickly.

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