Cybergate private Pre Cracked version free download

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What is Cybergate ?

Cybergate is a remote adminitration tool. This is one of the best rat of all time with Backshades, Xtreme Rat and Darkcomet. Cybergate has a lot of features like the file manager, the windows list, the process list, the system basic info, the shell, the download and execute etc…
Cybergate is very stable and can be crypt very easily with a good crypter.
It’s a paid rat and that’s why I share the full version of Cybergate.
This is a pre cracked version, just launch the Cybergate executable for having the full version. 


Download Cybergate Pre Cracked
Get the download link here 


Cybergate private cracked working as of :

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Sunday, November 24th, 2013 Crypters / RAT

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