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What is a keylogger local ?

A local keylogger can record keystrokes on your PC only. It should not be confused with a spyware which logs is send by SMTP, FTP etc… You must have access to the computer to configure the keylogger and especially take the logs of your victim who using the same computer that you.

Kelogger local icon

Configuration of the keylogger local


Choose a destination directory and rename your output txt file. Exemple : test.txt (do not forget the extension .txt)
Check the box if you want to create an autostarter to run the logger when the computer is switched.


ick “Hide” to start the logger.

Keylogger local interface

Type 4 times ctrl + alt + Y to make logger windows visible

Press ctrl + alt + Y


To test the logger, I type anything into a text document

keylogger test

Go to C:theplaceyouhavechoosebeforeyourtxtname.txt and you can see the log is crypted

The log is crypted

Type 4 times ctrl + alt + Y and click “Decode

Click decode

Your file has been decrypted sucessfully !

File decode sucessfully

Video tutorial


Download Fud Keylogger LocalGet the download link here


Keylogger fud local working as of :

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